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Das Studio is a household name for all those who have lived, studied or holidayed in Darjeeling. Thakur Das Pradhan established his first studio in 1927 and soon earned a reputation for fine portraits and the landscape of the Himalaya. The gallery at Das Studio has stunning images of all the world’s highest mountains and places worldwide, including Antarctica, all photographed by family members.

You will also find snapshots of the region over the last 95 years, which makes interesting viewing. Visitors purchase these for their homes and offices as decorations and mementoes of time spent in the Himalaya.
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Das Pradhan Family Our Story

Thakur Das Pradhan’s sons and grandchildren took up his passion for adventure and photography. They have frequently trekked across the Himalaya to Everest, Kangchenjunga, and other remote regions, including Africa, South America, Europe, and Australasia Antarctica. The photographs are on display at Das Studio.

Here are snapshots of family photographers!
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